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Re: Rebellion?

Post: # 36954Post JadamJedi
Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:33 pm

So, I checked up on them two days ago... She had gone back into hiding. This was all good and dandy, so i put an apple slice in and the workers devoured it as fast as possible. I also put some termites and some kind of cricket baby things... Maybe earwhig children? Anyways... They devoured those too, and are feeding them to the pupae or larvae, cant remember which it is... However the queen was back in the outworld... I have the entire nest, incl outworld, submerged in darkness.... Im beginning to think she is perhaps venturing out to look for food along with the workers... Maybe im not feeding them enough? Whatever the case maybe, the colony has grown to about 30 workers... I am not sure whether or not she is producing offspring at the moment...

Im wondering too if she is running around due to a humidity issue... Im using reptisand.... which they can move around and stack with ease, however, it does not hold water well...

Any suggestions?

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Re: Rebellion?

Post: # 38357Post Hunter36o
Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:43 am

Hey I noticed your last post was over 2 weeks ago and i was wondering if you could give an update on how your Queen is acting. I was about to do a major dig on this bit i noticed the date. Is she still leaving the nest? Is/ was she frantic in the out world or did she look like she was acting more like workers?
Since two weeks has new eggs appeared?
Also does she pay any mind to food or possible foods in the outworld? And does she have fresh clean drinking water?

I've been smashing through topics stealing as much information as possible to implement on my own colony and a queen abandoning a working nest is a first for me to come across on this page so I am very much curious to hear what has happened since you last posted.

Looking forward to hearing how this has gone for you.
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Re: Rebellion?

Post: # 38417Post JadamJedi
Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:55 pm

Thanks for asking!

No, she seems to still just sit atop this rock in the out world. Although her workers are finally beginning to tunnel into the sand, but she just sits up there...

She isn't fleeing her workers anymore, she just occasionally bumps antenna with them.

She is definitely isolating herself from them and hadn't produced any eggs...

All the larvae are now full grown ants and I estimate there to be at max 50 ants...

They refuse to eat any of the bugs I put in there now, they are only eating apple slices....

I may just give up on this one not really sure anymore...

She deinitely has water and sugar though.

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