Ideas for a Lasius Neoniger setup?

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Ideas for a Lasius Neoniger setup?

Post: # 35450Post AAAAAAAnts
Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:18 am

New Englander here. This is my first time having ants as pets (besides as a kid when I would grab a box with dirt and catch random workers thinking they would form a colony). Right now it's just a queen, but I want I plan their setup so when her colony is ready, they can move right in. I want to make a terrarium for them using a kritter keeper perhaps? I wan to include moss, and maybe cacti? Or will the cactus hurt them? I will include other plants because I'm thinking about keeping aphids, how does one go about that? What plants should I use? How do I prevent escapes? My parents will not let me keep them if they see a single runaway ant! I also plan on putting some kind of divider so I can see the inside of their nest. So many questions! Just any advice on what's best for them please!

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Re: Ideas for a Lasius Neoniger setup?

Post: # 35495Post Mortamir
Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:49 am

Be creative and think things through before you test them on your colony. Remember every time you fail it's an opportunity to learn.

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Re: Ideas for a Lasius Neoniger setup?

Post: # 35558Post antnest8
Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:44 pm

first of all a terrarium is a good idea and if you want to see their nest you can but a box in the middle giving like an inch of digging space. For the barrier i would suggest using flu-on or talc powder with alcohol but only use this if it is talc based. Try catching workers from the outside and use them to test the barriers before hand. other barriers are Vaseline (NEED TO TEST ON SPECIES FIRST BECAUSE IT WORKS FOR ONLY SOME ANTS) just plain baby powder or talc powder,no ant ever escaped this but you have to have it in not humid room but some humidity is OK, and it is a little messy. Finally extra virgin olive oil (Never used it but i hear it's ok). also for your plant problem i would suggest low plants that grow very little because if you go on a trip and come back to a growing ant bridge your parents will go berserk so yah.

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