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Post: # 34973Post TippyDisc911
Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:35 pm

Hi I have a ant colony of a queen and worker and I recently gave them a mealworm for their first meal and it fell in to far, so now after they’ve eaten the mealworm insides it looks like this: Image

So do you thing it’s all quishy and if I grab it it will shrivel up and be gross or will it be solid
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Re: Ewwww

Post: # 34975Post idahoantgirl
Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:39 pm

lol you keep ants.... you have to deal with gross things occasionally :lol:
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Re: Ewwww

Post: # 34980Post FolloweroftheWay
Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:18 am

Just grab it out with some tweezers. It'll be fine.

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Re: Ewwww

Post: # 35014Post PwnerPie
Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:54 am

Hahaha. All good! Generally the meal worm carcass will be hard.
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