Stubborn Colony

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Stubborn Colony

Post: # 34845Post DanEyres
Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:58 pm

I noticed that my test tube setup was getting abit moldy on the cotton so I hooked up a new test tube and im shining the old one with light and the new one is wrapped in paper so its dark and the workers and queen are taking no notice what so ever. It is a Lasius Niger colony and I once read they're quite stubborn? Is this true? Also Im scared the ants will get burnt by the light. Any advise would be appreciated

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Re: Stubborn Colony

Post: # 34938Post antnest8
Sun Apr 08, 2018 6:12 pm

just leave the option they are still getting humidity from the other test tube. the ants know more than we know about their current situation maybe the mold is not a harmful mold
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Re: Stubborn Colony

Post: # 35015Post PwnerPie
Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:56 am

Just give them the option to move, and they will move when ready. Sometimes they wont move. i tried the light thing for over a week with 2 test tubes that ran out of water, but the queens will not move. Just give them time, when they get enough workers, they will move. The week with only brood will most likely not move, they are too scared to leave their home.
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