Coming out of Hibernation Questions - Ontario Canada (Tetramorium)

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Coming out of Hibernation Questions - Ontario Canada (Tetramorium)

Post: # 34788Post Djbones
Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:37 pm

I have a 1 year old Tetramorium Queen that I found last April. I put her in a test tube and she had about 40 workers. They declined to about 25 by the beginning of winter. Not knowing how to hibernate ants, she went into my dark closet. I changed the water frequently. gave a few crushed bugs that mostly just rotted. corn syrup was added as well but not a whole lot. I can tell the workers eat some as their gastors are full and see through. I live in Ontario Canada where outside temps are now just reaching close to above freezing.

1. What do I do next to get a thriving colony? move to Formicarium? Can / should she stay in the tube?
2. do I increase light exposure? If so, when? Currently shes in a dark closet at room temp with her tube wrapped in paper.
3. do in increase feeding? also how long do you leave a dead bug in the tube before you assume they've eaten their fill? I'm trying to avoid mold.
4. what other suggestions should I follow or look out for?

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Re: Coming out of Hibernation Questions - Ontario Canada (Tetramorium)

Post: # 34798Post antnest8
Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:53 am

first make an out world and connect them that will take away your moldy insects problem. get them in a small nest if you can. don't expose them to light if you can
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Re: Coming out of Hibernation Questions - Ontario Canada (Tetramorium)

Post: # 34800Post Mortamir
Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:28 am

I would try and connect there current tube to a small outworld.
This should help you and them with the garbage concern.
If possible give them another tube as an option to move into.
They will move if they have any problems if they have a choice.
You can feed them as much as they want. They generally are really good about cleaning up after themselves, if you connect multiple test tubes one or your outworld will become there garbage dump.
I try and feed a variety of foods. Just make sure you trust the source. You don't want to inadvertently harm your colony.
For me for the light questions I generally ask myself this:
What kind of light do they get in nature?
Well usually the queen gets very little and the workers get a varied amount depending on there jobs.

Have fun!
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