Dream Species

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Dream Species

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Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:43 pm

My Dream Species Are Leafcutter Ants.Specificly Atta Texana.I've Been Trying To Find Queens But The Only Trachymyrmex Queen I Found Had No Fungus.Its Been Three Years Of Attempting To Find Atta c.f. Texana Queens,I Live Near Houston,In A Humid Forested Area..Is It My AreA?If Anyone Keeps A.Texana...I Need Tips!
1 Tetramourium Binarcairtum
1 Crematogaster Biroi
3 Camponotus Deciepens
7 Camponotus Ceastaus
1 Strumigenys Rogeri
1 Dormyrmex Bureni
6 Nylanderia Terricola
4 Brachymyrmex Pataginicus
Dream Species-Atta Texana

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