Pheidole Bicarinata question.

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Pheidole Bicarinata question.

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Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:50 am

I have 2 pheidole bicarinata queens, both of which have a large cluster of eggs. I found some videos across the internet where people are keeping multiple queens together. However, none of them identified their species of pheidole.

My question is, are Pheidole Bicarinata a polygamous species? I am wondering if I can introduce these two queens into the same formicarium once they get workers.

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Lasius Neoniger
Camponotus Noveborecensis
Camponotus Nearcticus
Solenopsis Molesta (7 queen colony)
Phiedole Bicarinata (3 queen colony)

Lasius Claviger (parasite queen)
Lasius Umbratus (parasite queen)

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