Help, Ant Transfer

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Help, Ant Transfer

Post: # 28313Post GangreneTVP
Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:48 pm

So, I have a colony of camponotus pennsylvanicus. I've had the queen in a test tube setup. There are 6 workers hatched. The water in the tube is all used up which made it important to move them. What I have done is got a Uncle Milton Ant Farm, put them in and uncapped the tube, and placed a second tube in there with fresh water. I was hoping they would find the starter hole I made in the substrate or find the new tube and move in there... so far they haven't moved out. I'm worried they are going to dry out and perish. I put a cricket leg in the ant farm as a first meal and put in a drop of raw honey. They didn't take to the leg, but accepted the honey. I put a second drop of honey in 2 days later and it was gone when I came back.

They also seem to be sleeping a lot, inactive... it's august though... isn't that too early to put them into hibernation. I'm worried they are dying, but i don't know. In the latest video he mentioned that uncapping the tube is problematic and they may try to block up the entrance. That maybe what they are doing as well.

1. What should I do about them not wanting to leave their original tube?
2. How often should I be giving them a pin head of honey for 7 ants of this large species?
3. What else should I offer them, and how often, as they didn't seem to accept the leg?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Help, Ant Transfer

Post: # 28343Post KSkuroooari
Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:54 pm

I'm currently trying to move mine in a new test tube as well. So far, within the first hour, the workers of one queen have moved the brood but the queen won't budge from the old text tube. It's moldy and practically dried
out but I'm under the impression that she'll move when she's ready. I think it'll be the same for yours as well.

As far as the cricket leg, maybe right now they need more carb intake rather than protein intake. I rotate offering my ants mealworms and honey for now. Sometimes they take to it right away, sometimes it takes a day.

As far as questions 2 and 3, I'd like to know the answers as well. There's a fine balance between giving enough and giving too much and it end up spoiling.

Sorry, I probably wasn't of any help.
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