First eggs up to first formicarium.

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First eggs up to first formicarium.

Post: # 28108Post Aerestes
Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:46 pm

I can expect them between 1-2 weeks, correct? I have a Formica podzolica queen, caught on July 24th, yet to lay eggs. Not worried or anything more just wanting to talk about her and her care in the near future.

Since I'm on a tight budget and uncertain whether or not I will have the funds to purchase an AC nest for them when the time comes, I was curious to know whether anyone had experience making their own equipment similar to the AC lines. For example, the materials and potential construction of similar formicariums without ability to cast your own shapes. More along the lines of aquarium construction I guess, but perhaps with more resin based materials, since glass will undoubtedly be beyond my price range.

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Re: First eggs up to first formicarium.

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Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:30 pm

Try looking at all of the AntsCanada videos, some of them explain how to make your own formicarium. Also, it varies a lot when your queen will lay her first eggs, it will depend on how stressed she is and the room temperature. And also whether she is fertilized or not, of course! But that you can't tell...

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Re: First eggs up to first formicarium.

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Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:50 pm

I recently started collecting my first queens and what not as well and awaiting eggs. I did order a test tube portal which is $15 usd + $6-7 usd for shipping. After receiving it, I figured I could make my own items.

What I did was go to The Container Store (Not sure if you have one where you're located but I'm sure you can order online I found a small clear plastic container that was like 2 in wide x 3 in wide for about $3. I used a dremel tool to cut holes to insert vinly tubing that connected to the test tubes. Super easy and cheap to make.

You should be able to use this setup for quite sometime (25-50+ workers). Some have used a testube setup for that amount too before moving into a nest.

I currently have one colony with about 20 or so workers living in a test tube connected to the portal. I think I'm going to keep them there for another month or two before I purchase the Hybrid Nest from AC. Good luck!!

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