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Ant Breakout

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Mon May 10, 2021 1:44 am

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know I have a nice Messor Barbarus colony. Especially since I keep mentioning them left and right because they are "my babies". haha
However yesterday or the day before yesterday they decided to do a prison break. At first I wasn't sure on how they got out. I first checked all the corners of my DIY ant tank and I thought they may have escaped by chewing through the silicon of the fishtank I used. However I didn't see anything and they also couldn't have climbed around the corners which I had reinforced with a little bit of a baby powder barrier (Rubbing alcohol 70% and normal baby powder).

In the end they had managed to pull out enough cotton to dig a tunnel. As the more experienced ant keepers here know that's not too much of a shock since the colony will never just move out like this and instead they will just do some scavenging and scouting to explore the area. I haven't seen many ants outside and had caught about 20-30 ants that were roaming around.

Don't worry they are all back inside and I just thought I should let you guys know that it's always good to check the cotton from time to time. Don't make the cotton stopper too weak / thin and you can make it a bit thicker than you would for a watering testtube.
May all your colonies flourish and grow nicely. :3
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