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The Total Ant Guide!

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Sun May 31, 2020 10:32 am

Hello to any of you have clicked on this topic and are interested in it. I know most of you are expecting a full blown break down on keep ants, but that is not exactly what this is. This is a place where anyone may come and post any bits of information they have or would like to share. Please refrain from asking questions here. This page is for posting smaller bits of info rather than putting it all into one big post. Feel free to post any information you may have regarding the first stages of keeping ants, long term info, food, or hunting tips.
Please try to keep post related to general species and not one specific species.

Thank you everyone. This is now really the communities page, but i will be on sometimes to monitor and maybe offer my own info.
Please regard the way this page works and have fun!

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