Multi-Queen Lasius Flavis

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Multi-Queen Lasius Flavis

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Sat May 23, 2020 12:40 am

So my Lasius Flavus colony is thriving. The brood pile is growing rapidly with 3 queens present and around 30 brood boosted workers from last fall. Sadly however its very clear who the favorite queen is among the 3 as one has a gaster swollen much larger than the other 2... in fact their seems to be a pecking order as they all have differing sizes currently though I have noticed the other 2 have started to fatten up a bit more. Still I fear once their new batch of brood mature and become active that they will likely begin to reject the other 2 queens. I intend to continue brood boosting this colony as well since Lasius Flavus are easily captured by simply placing a brick basically anywhere in my yard lol
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