Tetramorium Immigrans Nanatic Behavior

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Tetramorium Immigrans Nanatic Behavior

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Mon May 18, 2020 1:31 am

So just a bit of helpful information I learned last summer. I had around 40 tetramorium immigrans colonies and decided to brood boost into one super colony. Quite a few had nanatics however so I wasnt sure how it would go. After removing the queens I would attach the tube to a set up that had the strongest of my young colonies and I found that in every case where foreign nanatics were involved those nanatics assimilated into the new colony with zero deaths. They do a bit of a hop step thing at first which worried me but in the end 17 set ups with 1-10 nanatics were introduced to eachother and joined forces.... Easy way to brood boost a young colony if you have the time.
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