Update on my colonies and new additions

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Update on my colonies and new additions

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Mon May 18, 2020 1:21 am

Been a while since I posted but heres a quick update
I began the hibernation period with 2 Tetramorium immigrans colonies... both of which survived easily. I chose to release the weaker of the two (contained 30-40 larva and 20-30 workers). The other came out of hibernation with around 70 workers and at least a hundred brood in various stages. Its ballooned quickly since with a ton of brood in the pupa stage.

My lasius flavus struggled before hibernation despite brood boosting with only a small clutch of 10 eggs going in with 40 workers and 3 queens. Since however all 3 queens have produced a large batch of eggs... hard to count but well over 100 I would guess.

I captured to Prenolepsis Imparis queens which are currently being kept in my cool basememt... they have produced around 20 eggs last check a few days ago.

I came across a small Aphaenogaster Fulva colony and managed to capture the queen and around 20 of her workers. This is a work in progress as they seem to have been malnourished at the time of capture and are not adapting to the test tube as well as i would have hoped. The queen is not much larger than the workers either so I may be off on species.
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