keeping Solenopsis sp.

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keeping Solenopsis sp.

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Sun Feb 23, 2020 3:13 pm

I just caught about 1-1.5K fire ants in socal, any specific tips for keeping them. i have them in a jar, that has water and food. feed them honey and straw berry for sugar, and crickets for ants. how long should i keep them in this mason jar? how long until they reach 2K+ ants under perfect conditions? there is only one queen. cant tell if its S.Invicta or S.Geminata
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I keep:
Lasius. Niger:3 queens, 50 workers
:twisted: Solenopsis. Geminata: 1 queen, 1-2K workers, 1-200 majors (including super major, sub major, etc)
Still need a name for my colonies, queen fire ant is dubbed "Karen"

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