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Anyone had success with controlled aphid farming?

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:53 am
by DCheezi
Hello, antkeepers. Recently I've had the idea to introduce a sustainable population of aphids into my lasius niger colony's outworld, when I finish making them one. In the UK we have loads of aphids pretty much everywhere, and a few chilli plants of mine are currently teeming with the buggers.
The plan is to relocate a number of aphids from the chillies to a few aloe vera pups I have, and monitor them to see if they thrive or die. Then I will move them into an outworld, and my L. Niger ants will have a steady, sustainable source of honeydew.
Has anyone had success with something similar before? The idea is, since aloe vera thrive in low moisture environments, that a sand/pebble/soil mixture will hold enough moisture for them while also providing an unsuitable place for the ants to nest. I've heard of aphids swarming on aloe vera (but luckily haven't had an infestation yet myself) so I have no doubt that the aphids will like their new home.