Tunnel length and size ?

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Tunnel length and size ?

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Tue Feb 04, 2020 3:07 am

Hi guys,

Since about 1 month im a proud ant keeper with my m barbarus colony. I have read alot about habbits, farms etc but never really got info regarding tunnel size.


As you see in the attached pic my ants have to go through 50cm /1,5ft of tunnel before they reach the outworld. The nest is connected to 8mm tunnel then it goes into a 10mm and that thicker one goes into the outworld.

Now im waiting on my Camponotus Ligiperda that are also called europe largest ants. Workers can grow up to 14mm in lenght thats why i wonder if a 10mm tunnel is large enough? (thats the biggest i can buy in antshops).

Can you give me some hints regarding the lenght and size of my tunnel?

And 1 more question, if someone buys a myrmeica colony for example that can grow to 25mm in lenght do they still use 10mm tunnels? isnt it to small for bullants?
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