Have you used Zoomed Creatures Creature Soil

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Have you used Zoomed Creatures Creature Soil

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Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:00 am

I’m considering purchasing the Zoomed’s Creatures creature soil for a thin substrate or top dressing over grout for my outworld instead of sand. It claims “ Creatures™ Creature Soil is a safe, proprietary blend of natural materials, including Peat Moss, Soil, Sand, and Carbon.”
Just makes me nervous since I don’t know what type of sand it is. Their sand they sell as part of the creatures line says it’s calcium carbonate. If that’s the sand they use would it be bad for the ants? I have read mixed things. Otherwise it looks like a great mix (including Carbon). In addition to me spot cleaning, I think I may be able to add spring tails to the outworld if I use this mix to help with the outworld ant garbage and waste.

Any thoughts, tips or info would be greatly appreciated.


Ps I noticed they incorrectly spelled Peat moss on the write up but on the bag it is correct. They wrote “peta moss” hehe oops :lol:
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