Messor Barbarus hibernating queen

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Messor Barbarus hibernating queen

Post: # 66842Post lemonconcon
Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:32 pm

Hey guys,
I need some help with my new colony of Messor B. In Oct 2019 I purchase a queen with a couple of eggs, about 4-5 eggs in a little ball. The guy who sold it to me said that it was a nice queen according to his knowledge. He told me to feed her once every 2 weeks and to hibernate her in november, which I did; But right before I hibernated her I notice the water being low and her not protecting the eggs no more, I assumed they were somewhere by the cotton... I hibernated her after reading the perfect temp and humidity; The idea was to keep her in the fridge for 4 months completely dark while checking on her once a month for any problems.
After 3 months the tube went completely dry and the cotton looked like it was a dry rock, So I decided to wake her up and move her to a new fresh tube. The queen woke up within a few mins but I still left her alone for a few hours in hopes that she will go get the eggs or something.... She was fully awake and no signs of the eggs so I decided to move her to the new test tube, as soon as I open the cotton she went to the other tube by herself, I looked around the old tube and nothing with the eggs, I added some nectar jelly in the new tube and 2 very small seeds... and she is sitting in my other desk inside a little box surrounded w red paper completely dark
So now... What should I do?
Should I try feeding her anything else?
What happen to the eggs? did she eat them or they dehydrated?
Will I get any new eggs? when? Will she be ok?
Was moving her to a new test tube a good idea?

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Re: Messor Barbarus hibernating queen

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Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:06 am

Hi! your queen is hibernating and will start laying eggs when the hibernation is over, in most european species i think this is around march. Then you could feed her some protein in the form of seeds or maybe a chopped up mealworm.
This will encourage egg laying.
She probably ate the eggs if they are gone, to regain energy or something i have never experienced that the eggs have been eaten.
I am also worried because i keep a semi claustral species know as odontomachus one queen alone with no eggs yet ;)
:ugeek: ;)
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