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My L. Humile colony set up consists of a few feet of tubing, connectors, 1 clear test tube, 2 AC portals, 1 test tube with honey, 1 sugar water and 1 regular water.

A week ago I noticed quite a bit of condensation in the tubing... or what I thought to be condesation... a few days later i noticed the liquids were accumulating and had a yellowish tint. Its to the point that I need to move my colony to fresh tubing as its coating their primary tunnels. I assume its urine or discharge caused by the unlimited honey consumption. It hasnt caused any worker deaths but i did notice two eclosed pupae were soaked in it. They have chosen to nest primarily in a 4 way connector thats central to the set up and next to the empty test tube... the test tube appears to be their primary solid waste, eclosed pupae scraps etc as well as one of the AC portals and a section of tube far away from the primary tubing. Im confused as to why they are using their main highways as urinals ugh.
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