First workers help

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First workers help

Post: # 63947Post Nelridea
Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:27 am

I've seen the first 3 workers in my tube (from this queen
I'm new to ant keeping and I wanted to know if I should start feeding and what and how often ?
also since it's a local species (and from what I've seen on lasius niger care sheets) I assume they need to hibernate I just don't really know when should I move them for that and when should I stop it ? And is it safe with only 3 workers if no other hatch before hibernation ?

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Re: First workers help

Post: # 63955Post Vincex
Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:38 am

Put a small drop of sugar water or honey into the test tube and they will work away on that just don't put too much or they LL drown ! If you can catch a little spider or another soft insect and put that in there they LL be fine just maybe freeze it for a few hours and cut the skin to make it easy for them 😉
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