How long are Nanatics produced?

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How long are Nanatics produced?

Post: # 63702Post AntChuck
Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:24 am

My best colony of Tetramorium had 31 nanatics 2 days ago. Checking today I noticed they actually split the substantial brood between two test tubes. This colony was doing the best so I liquidated all my single queen colonies and gave their brood to this single colony... when I started the process they had 13 nanatics... well now they have closer to 50 as many pupae have emerged in the past two days and it looks like there are probably 50-100 more in the pupae or near pupae stage those nanatics as well. Its hard to put accurate numbers given the crazy amount there is. I know that nanatics are produced as a result of a queen having limited resources but this colony has been foraging alot and eaten alot so protein shouldn't be an issue. I assume that perhaps as a newborn egg perhaps they are predetermined to be a nanatic despite the food situation... i honestly figured that many of the eggs and larva from the other colonies i liquidated would become full grown workers because of the actual presence of workers tending the brood with an adequate food source... seems i was wrong and I will have a crazy amount of nanatics running around
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Re: How long are Nanatics produced?

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Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:49 pm

You'll probably just have to wait and see, but I guess it will be the batch of eggs that the queen lays after the nanitics have hatched that become workers. I suspect the queen uses her pheromones to send a signal to her first nanites, when she deems her environment suitable.

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