Questions and Concerns on Queen

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Questions and Concerns on Queen

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My Queen has been doing very well as she's about to have her first nanitic hatch and she's been laying A LOT of eggs since seeing her. I have a few questions though and concerns.

1. I have recently put her into a new Test tube as her old one was very dirty and I just wanted her to relax in a clean new Test tube, but since putting her into the new setup and such, the water has been drying away from the cotton and I've been feeding her Cricket Hydration Gel as of seeing the dry cotton. I've managed to put the test tube on a slight slant upwards so that some water could run down to and through the cotton, I don't know if that'd work. Is feeding her Cricket Gel for now fine? And should I just wait or is there anything I could do to make sure the cotton is moist again?

2. I have her Test tube wrapped in newspaper I cut to shape and I have a blanket over that all to help conceal the heat. But, Say there were to be a power outtage, would this be enough? I have her hooked up to a heating cable and I'm wondering if the Paper and Blanket will be enough. It's Winter here and the nights can get very cold. Perhaps I can keep half of her Test tube entrance covered up with some cotton?

3. I have some Raw Honey and I'm not sure if the honey has the chemical I've heard people talk about, because I've put the honey in her Outworld (not knowing it can be bad to feed raw honey to ants) and I'm sure she did drink some of it up, she's still alive. I'm keeping her off that honey for now. Can some Raw Honey be bad and others can be good? Depending on how they are made.

That's all for now.

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