Some questions on male ants

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Some questions on male ants

Post: # 59140Post Moonjade36
Tue Jun 04, 2019 5:07 pm

I was sitting in my driveway and noticed a writhing chunk of black mass on the other side of it. When I went over to check it out (tbh REALLY hoping it was a queen) it appeared to be like 3 black ants that's I'm pretty sure were males. They were all locked onto eachother almost looking as if they were trying to mate. Is this a normal thing to happen? Or was I completely mistaken and one (or more) of them were likely female? I also noticed the same thing the next day, but it was only two ants and one of them was actually dead. I both scenarios I kinda just used a stick to poke them apart and they took off.

Which leads me to my next thing. These ants were flying around a small patch of grass by my driving FOREVER. They just kept flying and landing and flying and landing. I was watching them for a long time (again, really hoping they'd lead me to a queen or something) but I never saw anything other than them flying (and landing). So my question here is, if there are a bunch of male alates flying around, is that like a guarantee that there's at least one queen alate nearby? Or do they sometimes just fly around cuz they can?

Thanks for reading, I just found it an odd experience altogether and also quite frustrating since I have yet to find any queens lol

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Re: Some questions on male ants

Post: # 59194Post JDSweetMeat
Wed Jun 05, 2019 10:35 pm

Do you happen to have any pictures of the ants in question?

I mean, some species of ant have queens that resemble males. It may also be that you only caught the males and the female they were mating with got away?

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