Questions about Harpegnathos venator

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Questions about Harpegnathos venator

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Hello everybody. Questions about Harpegnathos venator. Bought a colony in October in the amount of 23 units. About a month after the first larva appeared, they began to eat eggs. It was 15, then 10, 7 and 4 left. After 3 weeks, the workers safely poured the first larva and made the first cocoon. The number of eggs again brought to 15. Two days later, their number will again begin to decrease, and the eggs are already 12. The food is always in abundance, I feed the Turkmen, I watch that there would be at least two pieces in the nest. I keep the humidity at a high level, the temperature in the daytime is 25-26, at night it drops to 24-24.5. Ticks do not observe, individuals are also clean.
Someone faced with a similar problem and how to solve it? THX

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