Move Ants Too Soon? Pheidole Mega

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Move Ants Too Soon? Pheidole Mega

Post: # 53874Post RoyyBoyy
Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:15 pm

I just received my Pheidole Megacephlus Queen a week or so ago. She as about 5 workers and no brood. I have left them in the testtube, in the dark since I received them, but still no eggs Usually Pheidole Mega lay between 200-300 a month, but as of now, nothing. The GAN farmer told me that she had eaten her eggs when he changed testtube and I think she may have eaten some of her workers. Typically I wouldn't think of moving her into a formicarium with so few workers but I have a starter sand/clay starter formicarium with out world and I am thinking she may need to burrow. Since she has eaten her eggs, she probably has enough energy and protein for a while... So I need an opinion....
Should I take a chance and move her to the formicarium? Please help me out!

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Re: Move Ants Too Soon? Pheidole Mega

Post: # 53996Post UnrealSparks
Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:45 am

If I were you I'd keep her in the test tube for now. Just keep her in a dark and quiet place, she doesn't need any extra stress. When she'll reach a nice number of workers that's when you'll have to make the move.

Keep in mind also that if a colony is young, the queen will only lay a few eggs a day/week.

If you have other question feel free to ask! :)
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Re: Move Ants Too Soon? Pheidole Mega

Post: # 54005Post JoeHostile1
Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:52 am

It’s almost impossible to move ant eggs without squishing them. So the GAN farmer probably wasn’t able to transfer any eggs into the fresh testube.

If I were you I would attach a tube or straw to the test tube and put that in a container. So that you can feed the colony and offer it sugar water/honey without disturbing the queen. That way you can keep the test tube covered so the queen feels safe, but her 5 workers can come out to forage.
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