Tetramorium Emergency!

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Tetramorium Emergency!

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Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:10 pm

Hey guys,
So water reservoir on my test tube shattered with my 2 tetramorium queens with 4 nanitics (long story to be told at the end). fortunately the glass only broke to the cotton ball water plug so the colony did not get smashed in the fall. all my other test tubes are occupied (its quite late now). I had planned on connecting this colony to a homemade outworld (clear small, hard plastic container). I had also made my own formicarium of sorts out of a 7 day pill holder with holes drilled straight through and two of the pill holders have cotton balls with water. for the moment I was able to get everybody out of the broken container and place the cotton plug that the brood were on into the outworld. i have everything connected up in the hopes that the colony can move into the setup.
Is there anything else i should do to help them or just let this take its course now?

and now for why there are two tetramorium immigrans queens in the same colony. I caught both ladies in a swimming pool during nuptual flights and put them both into my one remaining unoccupied test tube in the hopes that i would get one of them moved before eggs happened. long story short my son was born a week later and i did not have time to check on them until after one queen had dominated the other. queen #2 has most of her legs chewed off but is still alive and being cared for by the nanitics. queen #1 also seems to have suffered some damage but nowhere near as bad as the other one.

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Re: Tetramorium Emergency!

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Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:09 am

I think I got bad news for you. Your Tetramorium probably are monogyn so they don't have more than one queen. You should keep them in seperate containers. About your shattered testtube situation it probably is difficult to get a quick replacement for such a situation but I guess by now you have found one. I had to improvise once too so I toom my hot glue gun some tubing and then sealed one end shut water it out a couple of times with some water to have it as clean as possible. Then I just used it as a normal testtube until I had the testtubes I ordered earlier or later that day.

Those were my beginners days. ^^
Anyway how is the current situation of the ants?
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