Hibernating Ants in a Terrarium

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Hibernating Ants in a Terrarium

Post: # 47115Post AdamKnapp
Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:06 pm

So I plan to make a forest themed terrarium full of plants, insects and hopefully a lizard or something. One of the insects I wanted to keep were ants I was thinking about putting in C. Chromdia and or Lasius Neoniger . The tank I plan to use is about 50-75 gallons and should consist of animals native to Virginia. My problem is I don't know how I could hibernate them. the normal area I hibernate my ants is in the attic but it would be too difficult to bring it up there and there is no way to have enough light in there to sustain the plants. Any suggestions would help a lot. Thanks!

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Re: Hibernating Ants in a Terrarium

Post: # 47127Post AntsOfOntario
Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:21 pm

Hmm... I haven't seen this question before.
I mean if we look out into the wild during winter, all plant life dies due to the cold weather anyway. Perhaps you can try to remove the plants if that's what you're trying to save.
In terms of temperature, I believe that ants will hibernate when it's time to; cold weather or not. I think you could stimulate cooler temperatures by slowly reducing food intake and maybe opening a window that isn't directly near it.
Hope this helps. :D

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