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I'm worried about up coming hibernation months

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:18 am
by tetriminoss
I have Formica and already have 4 nanitics, since hibernation months are coming I try to give them protein and sugar power that can hold the queen for months.

First, I put honey inside the test tubs (dropped via tooth pick) and the queen and the nanitics swarmed around it.

Next, since it's been a while since the nanitics have hatched, I tried to put small roach ( pre crushed ) inside the out world to simulate foraging ( outworld is just a container) and they didn't care about it.

Next, I tried to put the roach closer to the test tube set up, still no results.

The question is: Should I be worried? Because there's no protein intake since the beginning of the colony, and the queen might not be able to survive the hibernation days

Additional: I live in apartment where whole building is heated, I don't know where should I put them, I live with my parents and no small fridge I can use.

Set up Information:
Specie: Formica sp.
Location: Mississauga Ontario, Canada
Set up: test tube set up connected to small container

Can be taken after I reach home.

Thanks for future replies and sorry for this long question ...

Re: I'm worried about up coming hibernation months

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:40 am
by Batspiderfish
The protein needs of the adult ants are relatively low (not to say it is unnecessary). If they were looking for protein they would be eating the insect carcass. Protein is primarily required for brood development, since this is the only life-stage where ants "grow". Sugar is more important for adults than protein. I wouldn't be feeding them inside the tube, though, since this the leading cause of mold (feeding them in the outworld is ideal).