Red tape wrap for test tube

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Red tape wrap for test tube

Post: # 68858Post ridgewalker
Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:03 am

Hello, I caught my first queen ant last week, so I ordered a Ac test tube kit. I believe she is a carpenter ant, almost a inch long. Anyways, my question is, since ants can’t see red light, can I wrap some kind of red see Thur tape around the test tube? So that I can see in, without disturbing her? I noticed one ant Canada nesting tower comes with this option to see the ant tunnels, I was wondering if this would also work with a queen ant In a test tube? Thanks for your help

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Re: Red tape wrap for test tube

Post: # 68873Post CabboAntsGuy
Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:59 pm

I would try it out and see if they seem annoyed, that would probably be the only way to tell.
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