Messor Barbarus questions (Natural Setup & more)

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Messor Barbarus questions (Natural Setup & more)

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Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:55 am

Hi all,

Good morning from the UK.

I'm a first time Ant keeper, started May/June of 2019. I've currently got an L.Niger colony & Messor.Barb colony.

My Messor.Barbs are currently in an AntKit AntHouse, which is amazing. (

I've got two questions for Y'all experienced ant keepers.

1. Whenever I feed my colony protein; ham, chicken, etc. The queen always comes out of the nest and runs around in frantic (Although just before I took the photo above, it looked like she was feeding herself!). Is this normal behaviour or has my queen just not shy or concerned about her surroundings?

My Colony is getting pretty big now. I can't really clean the Antkit they are in as there are always multiple workers running around! I have two AntsCanada Ant Towers. When would be best to move them in? I feel like I have between 30-40 workers at the moment, hopefully, majors soon! My major concern about moving them into a more natural setup is: how do I hydrate the nest without germinating the seeds?! In a test tube that's simple but in a more natural setup, how would I get around that?

Thanks for all of the help past and present.

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