Ant hibernation question

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Ant hibernation question

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Fri Dec 20, 2019 10:57 am

This is my second year of ant keeping (I am an owner of a Lasius Niger colony) and my second ant hibernation, but I am experiencing some odd behaviour.

Last winter I put put my ants into hibernation at the beggining of December, as they already started to snuggle up for winter. I had no problems with them, all I had to do was keep them cold and gave them water.
But this year is different. They were still fairly active at the beggining of December, but I put them into hibernation anyway. I checked up on them often and even while on cold they were quite active. Today I took them off cold and am thinking of keeping them like this, as they don't seem to mind. I feed them regularely and give them water.

I am from southern Slovenia and our winters have been warmer than usual for the last few years, with this year probs being the warmest (it has gotten to the point, where you can walk outside in a hoodie, instead of it snowing outside this time of the year).
Could it be that the ants are somehow detecting this weather and thus adapting to it? :?:

Should I keep them like this, or put them back on cold?
I would love to hear some advice from anyone, as I am getting woried about my ants. :/

Sorry for making you read all this and for any spelling mistakes I might have made.

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