Can L. Umbratus host... L. Umbratus?

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Can L. Umbratus host... L. Umbratus?

Post: # 36176Post mallonje
Mon May 21, 2018 11:19 am

So I found a couple of L. Umbratus queens and have been introducing locally caught "wild" Lasius Neoniger workers in an attempt to found the queens.

However in no uncertain terms the queens seem to have taken a liking to killing the workers (18 between the two over the course of a week).

The only other Lasius mounds I can find are obviously L. Umbratus.

Now with no way of knowing if my queens came from this nest, and as this nest is L. Umbratus, would it be foolish to try and found my queens with other wild L. Umbratus workers?
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Re: Can L. Umbratus host... L. Umbratus?

Post: # 36179Post Batspiderfish
Mon May 21, 2018 12:03 pm

Yes, although the age of the workers can be important. That's why it's best to get callows or workers found within the nest rather than those at the surface. Better yet is to get a small, manageable number of pupae with a few workers, allow the workers to eclose with the help of their sisters, then add the callow workers and brood to your queen, returning the adult workers to their nest.
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