Advice needed to move a fire ant colony to new nest

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Advice needed to move a fire ant colony to new nest

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Wed Dec 25, 2019 8:06 pm

Ok just got a new ant farm for a existing colony for Christmas! “A large colony of Fire ants about 700 to 800 workers strong” But when the workers left their previous container a large container with small air holes I made with a pin they made home in the out world completely ignoring my hybrid nest! I placed a light and a air bubbler I previously used in a fish tank into the holes by the top of the outworld. In response the Ants started having a Nuptial flight! At this point I was confused I thought that the light and wind would make the ants uncomfortable and as a result move into the nest. About 10 hours since they were connected to their new home. It’s possible they will move in over night but I don’t think they will. They established highways going through the nest but after about 30 minutes the highways were few in numbers and only to the sugar and water test tubes and a few scouting out the Ant tower. No ants are venturing past these highways. One highway did stand out though large quantities of workers were nesting in a ant farm from but it is far to small for the colony and not enough interest that I think that will be the nest. I will place a blanket over the Hybrid nest tonight to see If that will provoke a move. So if anyone has any ideas please share!

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