Queen ant or super major??

Questions from those who are just starting or considering getting into the ant keeping hobby. If you’re intimidated or confused by the in-depth posts of the other sections of this forum, feel free to post here, and we'll start from square one!

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Queen ant or super major??

Post: # 70215Post Wilderspinzoe
Fri May 22, 2020 2:46 pm

I just picked up the hobby and have caught two ants thinking they were queens, sadly the first died after about a week of keeping her in a test tube set up, indicating she was not a queen. A couple of days ago I found another ant much bigger than the first, and thought this must be a queen based on the size. Now I’m skeptical she may just be a super major, and don’t want to kill another innocent worker :( pls help

p.s. the forum won't let me attach a picture, I just keep getting the prompt "file too large" so any tips on fixing that or maybe just general indicators of a queen over a super major would be greatly appreciated! :D

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Re: Queen ant or super major??

Post: # 70230Post FrederickAnt
Sat May 23, 2020 4:30 am

I suggest searching for an 'image to link' converters, typically I use https://imgbb.com/ but you could use google drive, flickr, imgur etc.
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