Parallel Camponotus Project

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Parallel Camponotus Project

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Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:56 am

So, for my first attempt at settling up an ant colony I have decided that I will be doing 2 Camponotus spp in parallel.
1) I got in contact with my local GAN and have arranged to get 2 Camponotus spp (Maculatus and Cosmicus). 1 queen and a few nanitics.
2) I have ordered 2 Camponotus hybrid nests 2.0 from AntsCanada... Plus lots of tubing
3) I want to create my own outworlds for them (in time). Starting small and eventually expanding.
What kind of variables would interesting to vary between these 2 spp?
The hybrid nest will be kept in the same conditions - same room, same humidity etc. but what change in variables in the outworlds will be most interesting?
A carb-rich diet vs a protein-rich diet?
Keeping 1 colony in a small environment while the other has an expansive environment?
Using different substrates? Sawdust vs potting soil?
Live plants vs fake plants?

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