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by RuthlessTony
Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:50 pm
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Topic: Please help!
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Re: Please help!

From the videos Mikey has made, pavement ants have their nuptial flights around 5 and 6 am. Maybe getting out early to find one will help. Walk your local sidewalks and you will eventually find one. Hope this helps! Good luck!
by RuthlessTony
Thu Jun 10, 2021 4:27 pm
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Topic: Pavement Ant Question
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Pavement Ant Question

So I live in Florida and I found a large pavement ant colony inside a mechanical room at work. There are industrial water pumps and chillers in the room so it is around 95-100F in there right now. The space is completely enclosed. I have not found any signs of flights from that colony. My question i...
by RuthlessTony
Wed Jun 09, 2021 12:39 pm
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Topic: should I keep her in air conditioning?
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Re: should I keep her in air conditioning?

I am also curious. I have just started and have not yet caught a queen. I live in Florida and do not know of the garage, where it is well over 100F, is safe to keep a queen/colony. On the other hand, I keep my house at 73F. What is considered "warm" for ants?