Camponotus Castaneus

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Camponotus Castaneus

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Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:52 pm

Hey all!

I live in East Tennessee and my dream ant species is Camponotus Castaneus. I do know that we have this species here locally. However, I’d like to know:

1) Where do they typically nest? I know they’re typically ground nesters, but do they nest under rocks, dig, etc.?

2) When’s the best time to look for the queens (month, time of day, weather, etc.)?

3) Do they have to have any special care once caught?

Sorry for all of the big, long questions. This is my dream species and one of my biggest goals this year is to catch and successfully raise a queen of this species. Thanks for any help!!

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Re: Camponotus Castaneus

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Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:11 pm

I've kept camponotus and they like to nest in rotten or moist wood. i find that they fly from early April to July nut the most i found was in may. as for care they are reletivly easy just don't mess up like i did :lol: . Iv'e seen they like fruit flies and can climb over vasiline
almost one year of ant keeping :D

a restarting camponotus queen
one crematogaster queen
and a bunch of lasius umbratus queens (to lazy to count them all) :lol:

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