Chicago and East Lansing Greetings

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Chicago and East Lansing Greetings

Post: # 19737Post PhatGaster
Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:16 am

Hello there. Beginner ant keeper and hoping to learn a lot from this experience and this community. I have a kinda unique situation in that I go to Michigan for school and back home to Chicago for Summer. I'm hoping to raise the colonies seperatly with my family members from both States and thus get double the experience of the species availble. Happy to meet you all!
Beginner keeper of Prenolepis Imparis and Formica pallidefulva. Would appreciate all the help I can

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Re: Chicago and East Lansing Greetings

Post: # 19738Post JackPayne
Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:07 am

Hi welcome, I'm Jack. I'm a pretty new ant keeper with not much more experience than you. My Iridomyrmyx queen is founding, meaning she is still caring for her first generation of workers, (which I'm expecting within the fortnight). If you need any help identifying or caring for your ants, there are plenty of helpful people here, there are a lot of Different collective experiences that'll help you along and many nice people to meet.

(Which is nice since antkeeping is quite a unique hobby with a small community).

:D :lol:

I sound like an advertisement. :roll: that'd be me...

Welcome regardless!
Hi I'm Jack, How are you?

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