How to Embed Photographs Into Your Posts

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How to Embed Photographs Into Your Posts

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Tue Oct 18, 2016 5:49 pm

For the record, MadVampy has already created a youtube tutorial for posting images, as found here:

I really just wanted to try and offer a more generalized guide for anybody who might be using a different image host or for those who are still having difficulty. Copy-pasting links to ant pictures is a really big headache, so I'm going to start referring users to this page instead. :roll:

AntsCanada does not host photo uploads. This isn't a bad thing. What it means, however, is that you will need to upload your photographs elsewhere.

Off the top of my head, any one of these should work:

For the purposes of this tutorial, I will be using <> inside of the image brackets so that they will show up on the page without correctly displaying image links that should actually work. The image brackets will only do anything if they are filled with a complete image URL (with no line breaks!).

After you are registered, you can upload photographs from your computer. The photographs will have display pages, AND image pages. The most common mistake I see with failed embedding attempts comes from using the Image brackets on the web URL that displays the image ON the image hosting site. In the center of the toolbar above your text box, you should see the "Img" button. Clicking on that will produce Image brackets around whatever you have highlighted (which should be the image URL).

This, right here, is a link to flickr's display of my image:

It is NOT an image URL, and the Image brackets fail to produce an image:


Notice that the link does NOT end with a file name. Most of the time, an image URL will retain the name of the original photograph as it appeared on your computer. This includes their file extension (i.e. ".jpg", ".png", etc.)

Now, for this next step, know that all image hosting sites are likely to do this a little differently. Some will provide direct image links on the display page (like photobucket, in MadVampy's example), while with others, you will have to find the link on your own.

If you right-click on the image as it appears on the display page, you will often see something along the lines of "view image", "copy image location", or "copy link location". After doing this, and navigating to the new page, check the URL bar. If it ends in an image extension like .jpg or .png, you've probably nailed it! If nothing like this is showing up for you, you'll probably have to navigate around until you find a picture which brings up these options. Some image URLS do not reference the original file, so preview your post to see if the link worked.

Here is a link to the image URL of the example I used earlier. This is not named after the original, but has been given a new name after flickr resized it:

Here is that link with the image brackets, to show you how it should look (remember that I put this link inside of <> to keep the Image brackets from working:


When you highlight your image URL, do it FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. If you highlight the URL backwards, you are likely to accidentally encompass the invisible text formatting which creates a new line in the text box! This will cause the link to fail. You can fix this problem by backspacing the URL into place, so it does not look like this:


And now, finally, here is the complete image URL, correctly placed in the image brackets:


I hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions or difficulties, please provide the links and an explanation in a comment below. :D

And, if you absolutely cannot figure this out, at least put the URL2 brackets around your link.
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