Queen Ant - Sydney, Australia

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Queen Ant - Sydney, Australia

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Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:29 am

1. Location (on a map) of collection: Sydney, Australia
2. Date of collection: 12/09/2017
3. Habitat of collection: Driveway/Brick Wall
4. Length (from head to gaster): 5mm
5. Color, hue, pattern and texture: all black/dark except golden striped gaster on queens. 
6. Distinguishing characteristics: golden striped gaster on queen only. queens slightly longer. males were all black/dark.
7. Distinguishing behavior: queens were slower moving, much more sedated behaviour. males were running/flying like crazy, much faster and erratic
I witnessed my first nuptial flight! 12th September 2017 in Sydney, Australia. About 1-2pm first hot day in a while 30 degrees c, moderately windy 30-40% humidity. There is rain forecast tomorrow (13th and 14th), first time in a few weeks.
There was a swarm of flying alates at a particular corner outside my house. I watched as the males frantically rushed to mate with the queens. It was amazing to see! I think every queen was mating with a male right before I captured them, I was just waiting for them to finish up before capture. They also seemed to come in waves, might be due to the wind pattern?
The queens were a bit larger than the males (queens 5mm males 4mm). Queens have yellow gasters whereas males are all black. I caught 6 queens but I think one is already dead  :/
Anyway does anyone know the species of ant? I'm very new to identification. 
Album: http://imgur.com/a/0oP6f

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