Rip-The Argentinnieez..

Let us know of your ant colonies or queens that have passed away. We will grieve together but will also learn why your ants may not have succeeded.

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Rip-The Argentinnieez..

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Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:34 am

The Argentinnieez Is My Small Colony Of L.Humile.On The 13th Of August...I Caught A L.Humile Queen...My Conditions Caused Her To Give Rise To Her First 3 Workers On Dec.12..On Dec.23 My Formica Hybrid Nest 2.0 Came In The Mail.I Put Them In There.I Found Out The Glass Was Loose...On Christmas...I Checked On A S.Invicta Colony I Hadn't Checked On For Months..They Already Had A Major.I Had No Where To Put Them...So I Confined Them To A Tiny Space In The Formicarium By Blocking Off The Entrance Of A Tunnel Via Cotton..LSS(Long Story Short)The Queen Was Injured About Jan.1st,10:17 PM 2018...I Was Sad..Hinestly...I Cried..Almost Three Years Of Ant Keeping..One Of My Deam Species Was Linepithima Humile..And Now;She Was Gone.. :( :(
Although..As I Am Typing This...She Is Moving More And More...I'm Afraid That Will Change...A Fire Ant Solder Got Through The Cotton..But InHadnt Worried...I Should Have..
The Fire Ants Are Now On "Death Row".
Just Like A Humans Death Row
They Get In More Meal...They're Favorite...Caramel Chocolate Doused In Honey...
Then To The 'Chair'
They're Exucution For The Murder And Harrassment Of A Colony 40 Times Smaller Sends Them To The 'Long And Painful'I Starve Them.Just Before They Die...Feed Them Borax And Sugar...They Deserve It All
7 S.Invicta
3 Pheidole Pallidula
1 T.Melanocephalum
1 Psudomyrmex Ejectus
1 T.Binacaruim
2 C.Ashmeadi
20+ S.Invicta
1 P.Gracciles
2 Solenopsis Ricthetri(1 Pure,1 Cross Ricteri x Invicta)
Almost A Year Of Ant Keeping :o

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