Rest In Pickles girls.

Let us know of your ant colonies or queens that have passed away. We will grieve together but will also learn why your ants may not have succeeded.

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Rest In Pickles girls.

Post: # 1879Post StrawHat
Sun Aug 09, 2015 9:50 am

Sad day still not having Trappy around anymore, I would love watching her snap her jaws on the crickets I would feed her and watch as she brings it back to her "den" You will be surely missed but not forgotten, RIP. And a little something for my Solenopsis who also pasted around the same time, I didn't have a picture of here before she died. but RIP love.


Re: Rest In Pickles girls.

Post: # 1922Post Rovvov99
Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:22 pm

That's sad to hear. I always found trapjaw ants interesting, but unfortunately they aren't native to Europe.

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