Feed your queens!!

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Feed your queens!!

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Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:49 am

Hi Everyone,
PSA here, feed your queens! Yes they can generally survive without food if fully-claustral. Of course they don't need as much as semi-claustral, and I generally don't feed the fully-claustral protein (as they should have it in their wing reserves).
Feeding a queen honey SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the chance they will eat their eggs. I generally just feed them honey, once every 2-4 weeks. This makes sure they are full so they have no need to eat their eggs to conserve the energy. Why eat them to conserve the energy (in case they need to run) when they are already completely full with food!!
I bug my queens all the time, like multiple times a day (I'm obsessed! :D ). All but 1 (so 6 out of 7) has laid eggs, and no eggs have been eaten from what I have seen. They love to eat. After hibernation they would eat the honey right off the toothpick before I could put it on the side of the test tube. I cant say all ants will behave this way, but give it a shot. Just a drop of honey, it could increase the chance of a successful colony!!
Here is a picture of Queen feeding day (honey) yesterday! They devoured it! Good luck with your queen feeding! :D

FYI. The one that hasn't laid an egg, refuses to eat and she looks skinny (not in this picture). Behaves differently than the camponotus ants I have had before, not sure what is wrong with her. Plan to try the tried and true method of locking her in a drawer for a month and see what happens. Could be that the ant is not fertile, seems strange that she would be have so differently than the others of the same species.
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