Proper sugar source?

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Proper sugar source?

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Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:30 am

When I finished hunting queens I had 7
fast forward to now, one was unfertalized, and two were more than likely underfed (one died but I'm trying to save the other, she has one worker left)

the other four are doing well, with two camponatus queens in tubes connected to portals and two... other ones. Haven't identified them yet but they're very tiny (workers about only a few milimeters)

Since the first workers aarrived, I've been feeding them a few drops of honey weekly, and eventually cricket legs. The smaller ones are fine, but my camponatus workers I found would constantly roam and try to dig through cotton. The two queens I mentioned earlier that were under fed had workers wedged between the cotton and tube, crushed, presumably to get more food.

I noticed the camponatus workers would go through drops of honey quite quickly, but I didn't want to continuously check on them so early, and decided to hook up a sugar water test tube with cotton to their test tube portals.
Since then, the workers have stopped roaming wildl, staying by the queen with only one usually wandering around the portal, so I assume it worked. However I've been looking around and seeing that sugar water test tubes might not be the best idea for them. Is what I have fine right now or should I be doing something else to satisfy their needs for sugar?

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Re: Inquiry

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Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:19 am

Slice A Fruit, Just A Tiny Slice & Put In In The Out-World.
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