Omni-Nest Vertical for Camponotus Floridanus and Odontomachus Bruennus

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Omni-Nest Vertical for Camponotus Floridanus and Odontomachus Bruennus

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Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:43 pm

I'm getting ready to obtain a colony of Camponotus Floridanus, and I have a current colony of Odontomachus Bruennus with 4 workers so far. I'll be keeping them both in test tube setups until a good 20-40 workers, but I was thinking about what I should house them in when they get bigger. I know the Trap-Jaws only get to 200 workers at max so a small omni-nest horizontal or even a naturalistic setup should work fine for them, but how big to Camponotus Floridanus colonies get? I was considering the Omni-Nest Vertical size large for them but I don't know how many thousands I can get, nor have I ever had a colony that big (although I want one). Advice is greatly appreciated!

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