Heating and Moisturization for Tapinoma Melanocephalum

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Heating and Moisturization for Tapinoma Melanocephalum

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Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:05 pm

On Saturday, I'm heading out to get a Tapinoma Melanocephalum (ghost ant) colony. My plan was to moisturize and heat them like this:
(The setup is 23x16x12 inches, with 5 inches of dirt going up from the bottom. A few tropical plants on the top. This is the exact same setup I have for my Camponotus pennsylvanicus colony. The ghost ant colony has one queen, and twenty workers.)
Moisturization: Spray the plants and random sections of the ground with a spray bottle every morning.
Heating: Place a medium reptile heating pad under half of the nest, leaving the other half non-heated.

I want to make sure I get this right for them. Also, do ghost ants tend to aphids? I would like to include aphids and springtails into the setup if possible. And last but not least, any creative food ideas other than the standard Dubia, cricket, mealworm, superworm.. ect?

Thank you much for reading, and anything is always helpful. :D
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