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Re: Grace Ant Journal

Post: # 11337Post Varanid
Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:22 pm

All the nanitics in my C. pennsylvanicus died off. I removed the queen from the outworld and placed her with my other queens. She now how 8-10 more nanitics so hoping for the best.

One of my other C. pennsylvanicus queens has two nanitics and a couple of pupa, still a chance that she will make it as well. Have been feeding her honey and meal worm bits maybe she will start laying again soon.

Still have one C. penn queen with no nanitics, she does have a pupa and a few larvae.

Update on my main colony, moved my C. castaneus test tube into an outworld She has at least twelve nanitics, possibly more, it is hard to count them. They have been foraging on honey, they seem to love it. Fed them some chopped meal worm as well, so far they are not interested in that. If they do not eat meal worms in the next couple of days will try another source of protein. I am using a talcum powder alcohol barrier on top of packing tape. It seems to be working well thus far.

My other castaneus queen have around eight nanitics, looks like I may offer her on GAN soon.

My first ant season has been somewhat succesful, there have been a lot of ups and downs. Lost quite a few queens, altogether it looks like I will end up with four ant colonies. And since I only have a use for three of them will have one extra to sell on GAN. Going to order one thousand test tubes for next ant season. Next year is going to be fun :).

Will put up some pictures when I have time, about to drive my son back to Auburn University, life has been hectic.

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Re: Grace Ant Journal

Post: # 17715Post WillWithAnts
Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:32 pm

MCWren wrote:
Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:13 pm
WillWithAnts wrote:Lots of camponotus ants have die-offs when they first start. Symptoms commonly seen are: relentless foraging/climbing, spastic movements, and eventually flailing to death. I've been on the forum on and off since it was new, and I'd say I have seen the same thing 4-5 times now. It can't be Vaseline, because some of the cases only use insect-a-slip as a barrier. We can only assume that it is natural, or at least common in captivity. Many Camponotus species seem to have to get over a small die-off in their niantic stage. More research is needed :geek:
Niantic lol.
Ya got me ;)
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Re: Grace Ant Journal

Post: # 35277Post Varanid
Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:29 pm

Has been a while, quick update, my colonies never really got established, they would get up to about twelve nanitics then die off, then back up to 10 or 12, then die off, this went on for a while until eventually the queen died. Lost all the colonies. Been really busy so have not been looking for queens, found one today just chilling at a local park. Luckily my daughter was with me who just happens to carry containers in her purse at all times for catching insects :). We put her in a container, brought her home and is now in a test tube. Not sure what it is, possibly a solenopsis, looks a little bigger than the ones I had previously. Will take pictures in a week or two after she gets settled. Hopefully will have eggs by then. Trying to disturb the ants less than I did previously and hoping for better results. Anyway will be ordering a case of 1000 test tubes soon. So looks like ant fever has taken hold once again.

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