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Re: Rebellion?

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Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:33 pm

So, I checked up on them two days ago... She had gone back into hiding. This was all good and dandy, so i put an apple slice in and the workers devoured it as fast as possible. I also put some termites and some kind of cricket baby things... Maybe earwhig children? Anyways... They devoured those too, and are feeding them to the pupae or larvae, cant remember which it is... However the queen was back in the outworld... I have the entire nest, incl outworld, submerged in darkness.... Im beginning to think she is perhaps venturing out to look for food along with the workers... Maybe im not feeding them enough? Whatever the case maybe, the colony has grown to about 30 workers... I am not sure whether or not she is producing offspring at the moment...

Im wondering too if she is running around due to a humidity issue... Im using reptisand.... which they can move around and stack with ease, however, it does not hold water well...

Any suggestions?

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