Myrmica Hybrid nest suitable for Bullants?

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Myrmica Hybrid nest suitable for Bullants?

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Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:27 am

Greetings everyone.

I am getting ready for collecting an Australian Bull ant Myrmecia (whatever variety I get).

My plan was to get an Omni nest XL and an outworld to give them ample space to grow and hunt. I was wondering about the Myrmica Hybrid nest for maybe hooking up in tandem to save some space for more outworldness.

However, these nests are very small and very damp and I'm thinking our bull ants would have major issues living in them. That being said I'm not actually sure on the ideal nest type and moisture content for these ants other than a nest that matches their personality (Very Big and Very Angry). So have the AntsCanada peoples had any feedback on their Myrmica Hybrid nests and the Australian bull ant?

For the time being I'm going to stick with my original thoughts unless I hear info against it in favour for the smaller hybrid nests. many pics will follow on the forums when I get it going whatever the choice.

Step 1 :Big nest.
Step 2 :large hunting grounds.
Step 3 :Throw tube from nest to neighbours yard.
Step 4 :Crank up 'Welcome to the Jungle' with heavy base
Step 5 :Video camera in hand, enjoy the memes.
(I'm kidding....:D)

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